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What has Nucleo done for me?


Where in South Africa will you find a single meal


containing all the natural vitamins/minerals/amino acids/


omega oils/anti-oxidants/proteins your body needs


to function at maximum capacity


for less than R17?



Nutribrands director, Jacques de Bruin, explains in the video below




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to restore your intestine to optimal absorption levels


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Nucleo's powerful anti-viral ingredients supports

numerous orphans such as illustrated in this story:


Rose first started attending the Meetse-a-Bophelo-after-school-center in 2011. When we met her, she was merely skin and bones. She came to our center with no life in her eyes. She could barely stand to look a teacher in the eye or play with the children. Her mother had passed away from an AIDS related illness and she was living with the fear that she was going to suffer in the same way. Nutrition plays a huge role in everyone's health but is even more important with those living with HIV.

Seeing Rose struggle to gain weight was hard to watch. She had been eating at home, but like many of our children her diet consisted mostly of pap and bread. As soon as she started at our center, she began receiving the Nucleo drink in addition to well-balanced and healthy lunches. Due to the severity of her malnourishment, we also gave Nucleo to her gogo so that she could drink it at home. Within a few months, Rose managed to gain a few kgs. This continued to progress as the weeks and months went on. She proudly came to us one day, after finishing her Nucleo, lifted up her shirt and declared that she was now fat. The change that took place through love and extra nutrition was remarkable to witness. Rose has now graduated our program as she has entered into high school. She is healthy, happy and has a heart of thankfulness towards God for the way He has saved her and changed her, as do we. Rose is only one of the 30 children on the Nucleo drink who has benefited greatly from the extra nourishment and vitamins. We are thankful for how the drink has helped our children regain health in many situations and also kept them from getting sick in the cold rainy months.

If you would like to sponsor Nucleo

for some of these orphans please contact us

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